Code of Conduct

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General Requirements

Members shall when engaged in the normal course of caring for, breeding, selling, exhibiting, trialing and/or judging purebred dogs, abide and uphold the principles of the Constitution and By-Laws of the Afghan Hound Club of Canada and those of the Canadian Kennel Club.

Members shall strive to gain respect for their participation and that of their fellow members in the foregoing activities and to make the best possible contribution to the improvement of the quality, temperament, health and welfare of Afghan Hounds.

Members shall not engage in the breeding, buying or selling of dogs which are not purebred, either as principal, agent, intermediary or otherwise.

Members shall keep their Afghan Hounds in clean, healthy environments and must provide health protection through annual veterinary check-ups, inoculations and all appropriate health care, with all necessary supplementary veterinary care.

Members shall never sell or give an Afghan Hound to a third party, agent, a pet shop, commercial dealer, health organization for the purpose of experimentation, or to a laboratory. Nor shall an Afghan Hound be sold or given for auction, raffle or prize.

Breeders’ Requirements

A breeder is defined as anyone who owns or is responsible for any brood bitch or stud dog that is used for breeding, even if bred only one time.

Members shall conscientiously plan in the placing of the expected resulting offspring.

Members shall keep in mind the maintenance of, or the improvement in the desired qualities and type of the Afghan Hound.

Members must mate only Afghan Hounds, which can be guaranteed to be registered with the Canadian Kennel club, of sound temperament and free of clearly defined and understood congenital defects.

Members must breed only healthy and mature dogs and bitches who are not less than 24 months of age at the time of first breeding.

Members shall space litters of any brood bitch to average one year between litters.

Members should provide honest and clear information on Afghan Hounds to the prospective purchaser prior to the actual sale.

Members must be willing at any time to take back or relocate any Afghan Hound that he or she has sold.

Members must ensure that all puppies leaving the breeder’s possession must be at least seven weeks old, with all vaccinations up-to-date.

Members shall cover all transactions in writing with bills of sale reflecting all details thereof.

Members must provide the purchaser with a written contract specifying at least his or her guarantee for the puppy or mature hound covered by the contract and that the breeder must be contacted if the purchaser no longer can or wants to keep the animal.

Members must give careful thought to any request for puppies or mature hounds to any foreign country where attitudes towards dogs are questionable.

Acceptance and Enforcement

Each prospective member will affirm that they will comply with the Code of Ethics by signature and members shall reaffirm compliance annually by signature when membership is renewed. Alleged violations of this Code of Ethics must be reported to the Executive. All such complaints will be investigated and dealt with under the Articles, Sections and Parts set aside for same in the Constitution and By-Laws.